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Emergency Beacon

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 106
Level 1; Price 100
Capacity 20; Usage Varies
Hands —; Bulk L


When activated, this small, pod-shaped device emits a bright red flash from a dome on its top once every 6 seconds, using 1 charge per day. The emergency beacon also transmits its location. Any device capable of receiving signals of any sort can pick up an emergency beacon’s signal, which can then be tracked back to the source with a successful DC 15 Engineering or Survival check. An emergency beacon’s transmissions have a range of 100 miles over flat terrain, but this range is halved in forests or hills and quartered in mountainous terrain and underwater. Alternatively, an emergency beacon can be hooked up to a starship or vehicle’s communications system, in which case its usage increases to 1 charge per hour and its range matches that of the communications array of the vehicle or starship.