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These rare items are bits of lost technology or unique items less powerful than artifacts. A relic has an item level but can be sold for 100% of the item’s price (like trade goods). A relic cannot be crafted without the means of a specific formula, which is almost always long lost, and often requires specific materials. A relic that became understood well enough to be reproduced, standardized, and mass-marketed might lose its relic status.

Fitting Jacket

Source Tech Revolution pg. 66
Level 7; Price 7000
Hands —; Bulk L


This ordinary gray suit jacket automatically tailors itself to fit your body, but it can’t be worn with heavy or powered armor. It contains miniscule pheromone emitters and holo-psychic transmitters to help you fit in as an ordinary member of any fairly large organization where the members don’t all know one another well, like a mercenary company or employees in a corporate office. Generally, any organization with at least 50 members qualifies, but the GM makes the final decision. When you spend at least a minute interacting with an organization member, you can attempt a DC 25 Culture check. On a success, you learn enough for the fitting jacket to attune its emissions to that organization. Rank-and-file members of the organization have a starting attitude of indifferent toward you; to them, you appear to be wearing the appropriate uniform, have the appropriate credentials, and so on, even though you can’t detect those details. The jacket can’t make you appear as any specific individual, but you gain a +10 circumstance bonus to Disguise checks to appear as a member of the chosen organization. If you fail the Culture check, the jacket can’t attune to that organization for 24 hours.
A fitting jacket can only be attuned to one organization at a time. Successfully attuning it to a new organization causes it to lose its attunement to the prior organization.