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Hardlight Netting

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 128
Level 3; Price 1275
Capacity 20; Usage 2/hour
Hands 2; Bulk 2


Popular with survivalists and trappers, hardlight netting resembles regular fiber nets except for the metal beads woven into each intersection. These beads are actually small hardlight generators that activate in response to solids attempting to pass through the net’s gaps, allowing liquid and air to circulate normally. With their flexibility and long battery life, each 10-foot-by-10-foot net is suitable for a variety of uses, from fishing to making pest-proof shelters. Each net has two settings; the first allows Fine creatures and objects to pass through, while the second blocks even these solids. On this second setting, the netting’s hardlight fields can’t block microscopic agents such as microbes and nanites. Using active hardlight netting grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Survival checks made to endure severe weather or live off the land. If used along with the downtime activity to build shelter (Character Operations Manual 150), reduce the DC of the Survival check by 5.
The netting can be used as an improvised nyfiber net (Core Rulebook 189) whose effective item level is 1 for the purpose of creatures escaping.