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Heatsink Cravat

Source Starfinder #13: Fire Starters pg. 52
Level 2; Price 300
Capacity 20; Usage 1/round
Hands —; Bulk


This garment is worn over the exterior of armor, often around the neck or head. Woven from golden nanotubes, a heatsink cravat converts heat energy into cold. It functions like a set of heat climate environmental clothing without consuming any charges. If you gain the burning condition while wearing the cravat, it activates automatically, reducing the amount of damage you take from the burning condition each round by 1 (minimum 0) for as long as it is active. In addition, while a heatsink cravat is active, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Reflex saving throws to end the burning condition, which stacks with any bonus from previously failed attempts to end the burning condition.

A heatsink cravat uses a battery, and each round of use consumes 1 charge.