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These rare items are bits of lost technology or unique items less powerful than artifacts. A relic has an item level but can be sold for 100% of the item’s price (like trade goods). A relic cannot be crafted without the means of a specific formula, which is almost always long lost, and often requires specific materials. A relic that became understood well enough to be reproduced, standardized, and mass-marketed might lose its relic status.

Holdall Raiment

Source Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path pg. 260, Starfinder #5: The Thirteenth Gate pg. 40
Level 4; Price 2000
Hands —; Bulk L


Though this ivory-white frock is tailored for kishalee physiology, most humanoids can wear it with little to no discomfort. A holdall raiment features a dozen pockets, each of which can access a series of linked extradimensional pockets. Each pocket can hold a single item that weighs up to 1 bulk, though any item stored within the raiment can be retrieved from any pocket as a move action, but only by the wearer of the raiment. The stored items cannot be detected by anyone searching or frisking you.