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Ion Tape

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 105
Level 3; Price 275
Hands —; Bulk L


Ion tape is a ribbon of material tightly wound around a spindle. A roll of ion tape fits in the palm of a human hand and comes in a wide range of colors. A single roll contains 50 feet of tape. A single strip of tape is easy to cut through or tear. It has a weak adhesive that keeps the tape in place when wrapped around an object. When ion tape is exposed to an electrical charge of any power (including a jolt from a zipstick), the tape bonds into a single mass of plastic-like material, gaining hardness 8 and 15 Hit Points. When used to bind a creature, a few strips of activated ion tape require a successful DC 28 Strength check to break. A second jolt from an electrical source causes the tape to revert to its weaker ribbon state, at which point it can be torn easily. A strip of ion tape can hold about 5 pounds of weight normally, but when activated via a jolt, a single hardened strip can support up to 300 pounds. The uses for ion tape are many: it can be used to construct basic objects (such as a ladder), patch holes, bind prisoners, and so on.