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Jammer Charge

Source Tech Revolution pg. 49, Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 53
Level 4; Price 375
Hands —; Bulk 1


A jammer charge can be set as an explosive with the Engineering skill (with a detonator) or thrown like a grenade. When it detonates, a jammer charge silently releases a pulse of magnetic energy that interferes with broadcasting electronics. Computers and video cameras (such as security cameras and the scanners) within a 15-foot-radius burst become nonfunctional for 30 seconds, losing both their recording and displaying capabilities. Enemies, such as security guards, typically have no way to detect the detonation itself, but may become suspicious if their video feeds are reduced to static for no apparent reason.
Any video recording, data saving, or file transferring that would happen during the 30-second duration is interrupted and canceled, but data that may have existed on the cameras or computers before the grenade was detonated still exist, and regular functions resume after the duration ends. Like a grenade, a jammer charge is consumed upon detonation.