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Junk Drone

Source Junker's Delight pg. 56
Level 3; Price 1200
Capacity 20; Usage 1/minute
Hands —; Bulk 1


A junk drone is a Small remote drone designed to help sort through rubbish. It acts as the stealth drone of a 1st-level mechanic, except it has the climbing claws and manipulator arms mods instead of the stealth drone’s normal initial mods. When activated, you control it as if you were a 1st-level mechanic, using its remote control or a computer with an added control module. It cannot make attacks, and has no weapon mounts, no feats, and no ability to add drone mods. An activated junk drone can move its speed and use its manipulator arms to perform simple tasks (such as opening a door, typing on a keypad, or picking up an object of no greater than 5 bulk). It can’t speak, nor does it understand speech. When in an area that contains a lot of garbage (such as a junkyard), a junk drone gains a +4 circumstance bonus to its Stealth checks.