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Miniature Sun

Source Starfinder #13: Fire Starters pg. 52
Level 3; Price 1,200
Capacity 20; Usage 1/hour
Hands 1; Bulk 1


A photonic inducer set in a brass-frame inset with glass similar to a lantern, a miniature sun is a portable light that exudes an area of bright light in a 30-foot radius. Thanks to a comfortable insulated handle, it requires only one hand to hold. After 1 minute of use, the exterior of a miniature sun becomes incredibly hot to the touch. When it is this hot, you can use a miniature sun as an improvised melee weapon that deals 1d3 fire damage, but each successful attack made in this way deals twice as much damage to the item, ignoring hardness.

A miniature sun requires only one hand to operate, uses a battery, and consumes 1 charge per each hour of use (or fraction thereof).