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Micro Tap

Mk 1120018300 ft.
Mk 23400221,200 ft.
Mk 3575030Global
A micro tap is a compact copper disk roughly the size of a fingernail. A micro tap can be installed into a comm unit or datapad to intercept both incoming and outgoing audio or digital communication. The micro tap is used in tandem with a receiving datapad that downloads intercepted data as audio or text files, which are then stored on the receiving datapad’s hard drive.
Installing a micro tap into a datapad or comm unit requires a successful Engineering check and 10 minutes of work. The level, installation DC, price, and range at which the intercepted data can be downloaded vary depending on the micro tap’s mark (see above). Failing the Engineering check to install a micro tap by 10 or more destroys the tap. At the GM’s discretion, it might also damage the comm unit or datapad that is being tapped.

Micro Tap, Mk 2

Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 53
Level 3; Price 400
Hands —; Bulk

Micro Tap, Mk 1

Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 53
Level 1; Price 200
Hands —; Bulk

Micro Tap, Mk 3

Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 53
Level 5; Price 750
Hands —; Bulk