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Mnemonic Scanner

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 128
Level 8; Price 9350
Capacity 40; Usage 1/10 minutes
Hands —; Bulk 2


Developed independently by dozens of species, these devices typically consist of a lightweight harness externally affixed to a creature’s body near its brain, such as a partial helmet or shoulder yoke. Once properly positioned and attached, a mnemonic scanner can upload part of the user’s memories, storing them as a data module (Core Rulebook 215) to a connected computer. Creating a data module in this way uses the same rules, credits, and time required as crafting a module from scratch (Core Rulebook 235). Specific data modules typically represent a short experience of 10 minutes or less. Average data modules might represent a full day’s experiences or numerous related events whose combined duration is approximately 24 hours. Large data modules are rarely feasible to create without inflicting lasting mental scars, yet those rare examples can represent entire lifetimes. Once stored, these memories can be played back through a variety of devices in real time; however, the playback’s sensory output is limited by the device with most providing a wholly visual and auditory experience. A mnemonic scanner used as a playback device can convey an array of senses to the user, even imparting some of the memories’ emotional states.
If you have a datajack augmentation or the exocortex class feature, you can download and review stored memories directly, allowing you to process up to 10 minutes of memories as a full action, as if the memories’ source cast mind link on you. For every minute you spend processing memories in this way, you must attempt a Will save (DC = 10 + 1 for each minute spent processing memories), taking 1d6 damage on a failure.