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Paint Remover

Source Ports of Call pg. 63
Level 4; Price 2000
Capacity 10; Usage 1/use
Hands 1; Bulk L


Much more practical-looking than an Albitta’s paint sprayer, a paint remover isn’t much more than a plastic canister with a spray nozzle. A paint remover is filled with a special chemical compound that can dissolve most paint almost instantaneously. As a standard action, you can use a paint remover to spray this solution in a 15-foot cone, covering all creatures and objects in the area. A sighted creature in this area gains the dazzled condition until the beginning of your next turn unless it succeeds at a DC 15 Reflex saving throw; the creature can also take a move action on its turn to wipe the chemical from its eyes, removing the condition. In addition, any paint on affected creatures and objects (such as that from a paint sprayer) slowly dissolves and is completely gone by the beginning of your next turn. This renders a partially visible creature covered in paint invisible again and might have other effects at the GM’s discretion. A paint remover’s canister can be refilled with the specialized chemical for 20 credits.