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Portable Grinder

Source Starfinder #15: Sun Divers pg. 44
Level 3; Price 1,500
Capacity 20; Usage 1/use
Hands —; Bulk 2


Based on protocite reclaimers, this grinder has flat-toothed discs that interlock and rotate toward one another. A multistage mechanism allows these grinders to break material down into junk or polyfluid. The initial stage renders 1 bulk of technological items into 1 bulk of inert electronic equipment suitable as a target for some spells, such as battle junkbot. Further grinding produces polyfluid that flows into a swappable tank that itself weighs 1 bulk empty. Polyfluid can be gleaned from both analog and technological items. In any case, the material you produce is worth 10% of the original item’s value. The weight of the polyfluid produced is determined by that monetary value.
A portable grinder requires a battery. It takes 1 charge and 1 minute to grind 1 bulk of items into junk. Another charge and minute are required to produce polyfluid.