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Purifying Puck

Source Pact Worlds pg. 198
Level 4; Price 2,000
Capacity 40; Usage 1/round
Hands 1; Bulk L


This circular device resembles the sort of tiny cleaning drone seen aboard space stations and larger vessels, but it has no independent programming. Law-enforcement officers use purifying pucks to clean up areas after they deploy smoke grenades and similar effects. As a standard action, you can activate a purifying puck and slide it across the ground a maximum of 30 feet (difficult terrain reduces this distance to 15 feet, at the GM’s discretion). The purifying puck then sucks in all smoke and vapors within a 20-foot-radius spread over the next 4 rounds, completely dispersing the effect (such as from a smoke grenade or the fog cloud spell). If the radius of an effect is smaller than 20 feet, the time it takes a purifying puck to disperse the effect is reduced proportionally. If the effect contains any toxins (such as a cloud of poisonous gas), the time is doubled. A purifying puck can’t disperse an effect that has a radius larger than 20 feet.