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Scuba Gear

Source Starfinder #36: Professional Courtesy pg. 50
Level 1; Price 25
Hands —; Bulk 1


Although this scuba gear offers little protection against attacks, it does provide 24 hours of breathable air; this capacity must be used in 1-hour increments but can be recharged in the same way as armor environmental protections. In addition, while wearing scuba gear, you gain a swim speed of 20 feet, and you don’t need to attempt Fortitude checks to avoid being sickened due to being in deep water (underwater at depths between 100 and 999 feet). You can’t wear scuba gear while also wearing armor.
Unlike armor, scuba gear isn’t designed for the rigors of combat. Whenever you take damage while wearing scuba gear, you must succeed at a Reflex saving throw (DC equal to the damage dealt) or else the scuba gear’s oxygen system suffers catastrophic failure, gaining the broken condition and losing all ability to provide breathable air in 1d6 minutes unless repaired. If you fail this saving throw while the scuba gear already has the broken condition, it loses its ability to provide breathable air in 1d6 rounds unless repaired.