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Stickyfinger Gloves

Source Tech Revolution pg. 50
Level 6; Price 4100
Capacity 20; Usage 2/10 minutes
Hands —; Bulk L


Thousands of technological cilia cover these skintight gloves and lie flat along the palms and fingers. When you activate the gloves, the cilia animate to help you perform a variety of tasks by reading your hand movements or responding to voice commands. In first mode, the cilia twists into precise patterns, allowing you to use a Disguise check with a +2 circumstance bonus to bypass most biometric locks, in place of the usual Computers check. In second mode, the activated cilia provide exceptional grip, increasing your KAC against disarm combat maneuvers by 1. In third mode, the gloves grant a +2 circumstance bonus to Slight of Hand checks to palm an object, reduce the DC of Sleight of Hand checks to pick pockets by 4, and allow you to attempt these checks untrained.