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Synaptic Link

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 108
Level 14; Price 75,000
Capacity 100; Usage 5/round
Hands —; Bulk L


These heavy headbands resemble woven insect chitin and always come in pairs. Each headband has a capacity of 100 and uses 5 charges per round. When you and another creature wear and activate the headband, you both benefit from a psychic communion that transmits information about danger between you instantaneously as long as you are within 60 feet of each other. While connected in this way, both wearers gain a +2 insight bonus to initiative and Perception checks. If one wearer is aware of a combatant, the other wearer is also aware of it, and a wearer cannot be surprised unless the other wearer is also surprised. If one wearer succeeds at a Will save to disbelieve an illusion effect, the other wearer also disbelieves that effect. This link does not otherwise allow thoughts or communication to be shared.

You can wear only one synaptic link at a time.