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Telepathy Tap

Source Starfinder #43: Icebound pg. 42
Level 3; Price 1250
Capacity 20; Usage 1/minute
Hands —; Bulk L


Telepathic threats present serious concerns to Directive 9 agents, so the agency devised a handheld machine with three antennae and a small digital screen to help them intercept psychic messages. When you’re within the range of a creature using limited telepathy, the tap’s screen lights up, and you can take a standard action to attempt a DC 20 Computers check; if you succeed, you pinpoint the source of the telepathy and whether that source is sending, receiving, or both. If you succeed at this Computers check by 5 or more, you glean the general nature of the telepathic communication; if you succeed by 10 or more, the entire telepathic communication is displayed on the tap’s screen. If you fail by 5 or more, the source of the telepathy becomes aware of the tap and its location.
A telepathic tap can’t detect full telepathy, shortwave, or other methods of psychic communication. Using a telepathic tap and recording its findings can be automated using a computer fitted with a complex control module.