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Voice Distorter

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 21
Level 1; Price 55
Hands —; Bulk L


Kasathas who turn to crime, as well as those who value anonymity, sometimes wear masks that conceal their identities. A voice distorter worn over the mouth converts the user’s voice into an unrecognizable and obviously artificial tone. Any check attempted to identify the wearer’s voice takes a –5 penalty, and such identification can succeed only by relying on speech patterns, distinguishing phrases, and other idiosyncrasies of the wearer’s speech rather than the sound of the voice itself.

If the distorted voice is recorded, a character can remove the distortion and reveal the speaker’s original voice. Doing so requires a successful DC 21 Computers check. The decipherer gains a +4 circumstance bonus to this check with access to an undistorted recording of the same voice.