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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 410
Ancient alien ruins and corporate offices alike are rife with traps and defense mechanisms meant to protect valuable goods, personnel, and information. Additionally, adventuring characters sometimes encounter situations that, while not intentionally set up as traps, are just as dangerous—an unshielded power conduit in a damaged ship could prove deadly to those who aren’t careful, as could an unbalanced grav plate that might fling the unwary into a wall at high speeds. Whether the presentation of such dangers is intentional, accidental, or simply situational, all are represented using the same set of rules.

Hacker's Curse Trap - CR 7

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 413
XP 3,200
When an unauthorized user attempts to hack the trapped computer console, a magical curse script downloads into nearby technological items, which become cursehacked. A creature using a cursehacked item takes a –4 penalty to attack rolls (if it’s a weapon), AC (if it’s a suit of armor), skill checks (if it’s involved in attempting the skill check), and so on. The virus replicates in other technological items if they touch either a cursehacked item or a creature carrying or wearing one. This curse remains until removed by remove affliction or similar magic or by a successful Computers DC 35 check that takes 10 minutes for a single item.

Hacker's Curse Trap

Type hybrid; Perception DC 30; Disable Computers DC 25 (rewrite virus code) or Mysticism DC 25 (dispel curse)
Trigger touch; Reset 1 minute
Effect curse (technological items become cursehacked; this is a curse effect); Will DC 17 negates (items of 8th level or above only; lower-level items receive no save); multiple targets (tech items carried by all creatures within 60 ft. of console)