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Source Drift Crisis pg. 179
Bulk L
jagged oval of luminous, ultra-hard material roils with the same hues of the Drift. The shield feels unnaturally light to wield for its size and flashes brightly when struck.
Rumors abound about the shimmershield’s origin, but the most popular theory is the shield was forged by a brilliant but eccentric technomagical expert using the same methods used to create the Drift, the better to survive the dangers of the hyperspace plane. Others believe the shield to be the modified scale of a massive, extinct creature native to the Drift. The least likely hypothesis is the shield is a remnant of some protean asteroid-crystal that once sat at the center of the Drift and whose explosion created the plane itself.
The shimmershield can be wielded as a paragon tactical shield (Character Operations Manual 125) with no upgrade slots and it gives off dim light in a 5-foot radius. The shimmershield can absorb energy attacks to later expel as dangerous blasts of the same mysterious energy that constitutes the Drift. When the shimmershield is aligned to protect against a specific foe and that foe misses you with an attack targeting EAC, roll damage as though the attack had hit; the shimmershield absorbs this damage harmlessly and gains a charge for every 10 points of damage it absorbs, rounding down. The shimmershield can hold up to 20 charges at a time; any charges gained past this limit are immediately lost. As the shield gains additional charges, the light grows stronger; when it has 10 or more charges, it gives off normal light in a 10-foot radius; if it has 20 charges, it gives off bright light in a 20-foot radius.
When the shimmershield expels energy, it does so in the form of powerful blasts, pulsing with the colors of the Drift. As a standard action, you can expend 1 or more charges to make an attack with the shimmershield. The attack can either be a ranged attack with a range of 75 feet or a melee attack. Either way, it targets EAC, deals 1d6 damage per charge spent, and counts as magical. A creature hit by the attack must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 1/2 the damage done) or be blinded for 1 round.
The shimmershield can be destroyed only by bringing the fully charged shield to the Temple of Triune in Alluvion and offering it to Triune as a material component in a casting of miracle, allowing the shield’s stored energy—and very substance—to be mystically downloaded into the neural networks of the temple.