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Creature Companions

The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. It’s no wonder, then, that across the entire galaxy, members of countless species take up creature companions ranging from show pets to emotional support animals to combat-ready mounts. Whether such a pairing is born of cultural tradition, lucky happenstance, or even reluctant necessity, few bonds are stronger.
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Mahoi Manta Companions

Source Interstellar Species pg. 82
Resembling a five-eyed manta ray, a Mahoi manta is the traditional kalo mount and beast of burden. Mahoi mantas forge strong bonds with their favorite riders and range in color from pale greys and blues to black, with a rare few being pale pink or purple.

Mahoi MantaLevels 1-20

Large animal (aquatic)
Senses blindsight (scent) 60 ft, low-light vision
Good Save Reflex; Bad Saves Fort, Will
Speed 5 ft.; swim 50 ft.
Melee Attack stinger (P)
Space 10 ft. Reach 5 ft.
Ability Modifiers Str, Dex

Special Abilities

Pack Hunter (Ex) At the start of your turn, you can designate one creature as your prey. You and your mahoi manta are considered to be flanking your prey so long as both you and your manta are threatening that creature.
Manta Venom(Ex; 5th level) A mahoi manta’s sting stores a single dose of manta venom that it can choose to inject whenever it successfully hits a target with its sting attack (DC = 10 + half the mahoi manta’s level + its Strength modifier). When you rest for 10 minutes to recover Stamina Points, your mahoi manta regains its dose of venom.

Manta Venom

Type poison (injury) Save Fortitude
Track Dexterity (special); Frequency 1/round for 4 rounds
Effect progression track is Sluggish–Stiffened–Staggered–Immobile; immobile functions as an end state.
Cure 2 saves