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Creature Companions

The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. It’s no wonder, then, that across the entire galaxy, members of countless species take up creature companions ranging from show pets to emotional support animals to combat-ready mounts. Whether such a pairing is born of cultural tradition, lucky happenstance, or even reluctant necessity, few bonds are stronger.
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Spectra Companions

Source Angels of the Drift #1
The humblest of spectra, castrusas are attendants to irida spectras in their superious' mission to bring the secrets of Drift travel to worlds where Triune's signal was disrupted or suppressed. Each castrusa is custom designed to cater to the aesthetics of teh worlds it was formed to visit, often appearing nonthreatening and endearing.

SpectraLevels 5-20

Tiny outsider(extraplanar, spectra)
Senses darkvision (60 ft.)
Good Saves Fort, Will; Bad Save Reflex
Defensive Abilities void adaptation; Resistances electricity 10
Speed fly 30 feet (Ex, average)
Ranged Attack scrabmle blaster (E)
Space 2 1/2 ft. Reach 0 ft.
Ability Modifiers Dex, Int

Special Abilities

Scramble Gun (Ex) A castrusa's scramble blaster targets EAC, has a range inremement of 30 feet, and the stun weapon special property
Specrtra Companion (Ex) A castrusa has machine telapathy, slip drive, truespeech, and spaceflight (Mysticism) special abilities, as the spectra creature subtype. They have an Intelligence modifier of +0 instead of -4
Technician (Ex)A castrusa can attempt Computers and Engineering checks usings its skill bonus. While your castrusa companion is adjacent to you, you gain a +1 morale bonus to Computers and Engineering checks.