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Creature Companions

The solitude of space can prove tough to bear for even the most hardened soloist. It’s no wonder, then, that across the entire galaxy, members of countless species take up creature companions ranging from show pets to emotional support animals to combat-ready mounts. Whether such a pairing is born of cultural tradition, lucky happenstance, or even reluctant necessity, few bonds are stronger.
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Scootaroot Companions

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 136
Scootaroots are sentient plant creatures with a vaguely animal-like form and behaviors; they’re similar in appearance to caterpillars, centipedes, or snakes, with countless skittering roots for legs and a row of bushes growing along their backs. These bushes grow nutritious purple berries which many species consider delicious. If not harvested regularly, these berries tend to attract birds and other small creatures who nest in the scootaroot’s branches. While scootaroots rarely mind this arrangement, some creatures can harm the scootaroot, particularly those that attempt to dig into its bark-like back or snap off its twigs to form their nest.
Scootaroots undergo photosynthsesis to gain nutrition instead of eating. While they prefer natural sunlight, they can survive off artificial UV light, such as those found on starships and some specialized flashlights. They also require regular watering to remain healthy.
Scootaroots are slow, docile creatures, that release a sweet scent when particularly happy or content. They take well to domestication and form close bonds with their owners. They’re most comfortable in temperate or warm forests and jungles. While they can survive in extreme heat and extreme cold, spending too much time in either environment causes their leaves to wilt and their berries to become gray and flavorless.

ScootarootLevels 1-15

Medium plant
Senses low-light vision
Good Save Fort; Bad Saves Reflex, Will
Defensive Abilities plant immunities
Speed 20 ft., climb 20 ft.
Melee Attack vine (B)
Space 5 ft. Reach 5 ft.10 ft. with vine
Ability Modifiers Str, Con

Special Abilities

Berry Growth (Ex) A scootaroot continually sprouts delicious and nourishing berries from the bushes growing along its back. Each day, enough berries can be harvested from the scootaroot to count as a common meal. Harvesting these berries is akin to grooming a furry mammal or a reptile shedding its skin and causes no harm to the scootaroot.
Take Root (Ex) As a move action, a scootaroot can root itself to its space, becoming immobile. While immobile, it gains a +4 circumstance bonus to its KAC against bull rush, reposition, and trip combat maneuvers. Additionally, if rooted in soil, it regains 1 Hit Point per round. These benefits automatically end if the scootaroot moves (whether due to intentional movement or forced movement).