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Source Galactic Magic pg. 47
Level 2; Price 800; Bulk 1


Sold in pairs, phaserods are foot-long metal rods that function as sophisticated pitons to assist with climbing, anchoring, and towing tasks. One end of each phaserod ends in a blunted point, and the other end has a small loop large enough to thread through a rope or cable line. When the pointed end is held against a solid surface and activated as a move action, up to half of the phaserod becomes insubstantial, can easily be driven into the surface, and then becomes solid once more an instant later, creating a firm anchor point for climbing or hauling. The phaserod can be activated and extracted as a move action. Alternatively, while holding at least two phaserods, you can activate, anchor, and deactivate the items in quick succession, granting you a +8 circumstance bonus to Athletics checks to climb a surface. An anchored phaserod can be torn free with a successful DC 23 Strength check.