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Augmentation Manufacturers

Source Starfinder #29: The Cradle Infestation pg. 51
When first acquired, no augmentation can have more than one manufacturer’s modification. However, many genetic engineers and hospitals offer options to customize existing augmentations. It is also possible to combine modifications by crafting an augmentation yourself. If you combine manufacturer modifications in any way, the final price of the item is equal to the normal price plus an additional 10% plus the cost of the modifications. The GM is the final arbiter of whether a modification can be applied to an augmentation, as well as what modifications can or can’t can be combined.


Source Drift Crisis pg. 117
Headquartered at the industrial center Terraforge and operated by the giants of Pholskar (Near Space 98), Jarltech designs imposing augmentations designed for towering humanoids. Even when Jarltech produces rare augmentations for smaller users, these devices infamously use bulky power cores designed for far larger users. As a result, a Jarltech augmentation can function as an emergency battery. Once per day as a swift action, you can drain your Jarltech augmentation to recharge the battery of a technological item you’re wielding or powered armor you’re wearing, restoring a number of charges equal to half the augmentation’s item level. The augmentation then provides no benefits until you rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points. Jarltech augmentations cost 15% more than usual.