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Personal Items

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 230
The following personal items are readily available in most places that sell gear.

Allergy Pod 120
Buoyant pack 1501
Chemical cold pack 150
Chemical heat pack 150
Energel food pellets (1 pack) 150
Frosthiker Soles 135L
Hazmat Synthsleeves 130L
Holo-tat 1100
Junk Camouflage 1501
Portable Condenser 1501
Portable Power Hub 1101
Safety Helmet 165
Stabilizer Bracelets 1151
Stomach Tabs 175
Stylemander 150
Tattoo 125
Treadsetter’s Guide 125L
Waymarker Ribbon 13L
Clothing, Kalistocratic 15
Arcanascopic lenses 250L
Grooming Moss 250
Helping Hand 275L
Meteorological Reader 2100L
Pocket Linguist 275L
Spidersatchel 31,2001
Backpack, ConsumerBackpack131
Backpack, IndustrialBackpack1251
Clothing, AthleticClothing15L
Clothing, CeremonialClothing15L
Clothing, EnvironmentalClothing110L
Clothing, EverydayClothing11L
Clothing, FormalClothing151
Clothing, PartyClothing15L
Clothing, ProfessionalClothing15L
Clothing, TravelClothing110L
Clothing, UniformClothing15L
Clothing, ReconfigurableClothing2100 + cost of component outfitsL
Culinary Synthesizer, Mk 1Culinary Synthesizer14001
Culinary Synthesizer, Mk 2Culinary Synthesizer11,2001
Culinary Synthesizer, Mk 3Culinary Synthesizer12,5002
Glass Cutter, Mk 1Glass Cutter1100L
Glass Cutter, Mk 2Glass Cutter1400L
Ladder, Collapsible (10 feet)Ladder1751
Ladder, Collapsible (20 feet)Ladder11501
Ladder, Collapsible (40 feet)Ladder13002
Map, NavigationalMap180
Map, SurveyMap120
Aerosol SprayOther180L
Alter, PortableOther12502
Bonding EpoxyOther1400L
Gear ClampOther1100L
Gear Maintenance KitOther15L
Hygiene KitOther13L
Magnetic JackOther14502
Mess KitOther12L
Motion TriggerOther180L
Oxygen CandleOther120L
Pot, Self-HeatingOther11001
Religious SymbolOther12
RopeOther11/50 ft.L/50 ft.
Scuba GearOther1251
Sleeping BagOther110L
Space SuitOther1251
Tool, ManualOther1251
Book, Holy TextOther12L
Book, StandardOther15L
Riding Saddle, Huge or largerOther13005
Riding Saddle, LargeOther1752
Riding Saddle, MediumOther1251
Riding Saddle, Small or smallerOther110L
Wake-up PatchOther2100L
Warming BalmOther2150L
Library ChipOther3250
Frictionless GelOther5450L
Perfume, StandardPerfume150
Perfume, PheromonalPerfume5500
Tent, Mass ProducedTent121
Tent, Mobile HotelierTent1501
Umbrella, AutoshadeUmbrella1450L
Umbrella, StandardUmbrella12L