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Professional Services

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 234
These services assume an individual or small group is hired legally in free-market conditions. Efforts to hire criminals, mercenaries, or businesses fall under the purview of the GM, though unskilled laborers can be hired relatively cheaply.

Communications05 or 10 per minute
Professional Freelancer0Skill Bonus x 2 per day
Unskilled Labor04 per day or 1 per hour
Grooming, Exotic075
Grooming, Standard03
Laundry, Magical010
Laundry, Standard01
Medical Treatment, Long-Term Care0100 per day
Medical Treatment, Long-Term Stability015 per hour
Medical Treatment, Treat Deadly Wounds075
Medical Treatment, Treat Disease01,000
Medical Treatment, Treat Drugs or Poison01,000
Spellcasting, 0-level Spell020
Spellcasting, 1st-level Spell0100
Spellcasting, 2nd-level Spell0350
Spellcasting, 3rd-level Spell01,000
Spellcasting, 4th-level Spell03,000
Spellcasting, 5th-level Spell09,000
Spellcasting, 6th-level Spell030,000
Starship Crew, Officer0Skill bonus x 5 per week
Starship Crew, Standard020 per week
Union Membership, Apprentice15 credits/month
Union Membership, Artisan725 credits/month
Union Membership, Master14100 credits/month