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Aerosol Spray

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 128
Category Personal Items (Other)
Level 1;Price 80; Bulk L


Aerosol spray is an opaque liquid stored at high pressure with compressed gas in a spray canister. As a standard action, you can depress the canister’s trigger to spray the aerosol in a 5-foot burst, which fills a single square adjacent to your space. You can see any hidden or invisible laser beams in the aerosolfilled square, and you immediately become aware of the location of any invisible creature in that square. In addition, invisible creatures have only concealment (rather than total concealment) as long as they remain in an aerosol-filled square. The aerosol remains in its square for 1d4+1 rounds before dissipating. Each canister of aerosol spray contains enough aerosol for 10 uses.