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Bonding Epoxy

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 230
Category Personal Items (Other)
Level 1;Price 400; Bulk L


Bonding epoxy is a two-part adhesive plastic kept in a handheld dispenser that automatically mixes the components as they are dispensed. A single dispenser can be used five times. The dispensers cannot be reloaded, and a new dispenser must be purchased if additional epoxy is desired.

As a full action you can coat up to a 1-square-foot area with the epoxy. Anything held against the area bonds to it over 1d4 rounds as the epoxy dries. This requires a full action each round to maintain contact between the objects, and anything resisting (such as a creature) must be pinned or helpless to be held in place during this drying period. Dispensed epoxy that is not used within 1 minute hardens and loses its ability to bond objects together.

Pulling apart objects bonded together with this epoxy requires a successful DC 20 Strength check. If the objects are carefully fitted together (requiring 1 minute and a successful DC 20 Engineering check), the Strength DC to separate them increases to 25.