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Buoyant pack

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 40
Category Personal Items
Level 1;Price 50; Bulk 1


This backpack doubles as a flotation device thanks to hard-shelled pockets of inert gas sewn into the lining. The pack functions as am industrial backpack (Core Rulebook 230), and its hydrophobic polymer fibers keep all items stored inside dry. Also, a buoyant pack helps keep you afloat while worn or held in two arms; while swimming, you sink deeper when you fail an Athletics check to swim by 10 or more, rather than failing by 5 or more. Further, if you take no actions on your turn (including if you’re unconscious), you can automatically stay afloat in any fluid whose Athletics DC to swim is 15 or less. The backpack’s air pockets make it difficult to dive, and you take a –1 penalty to Athletics checks to swim below the surface (except to ascend) while wearing this backpack.