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Tents are designed to protect their occupants from the ravages of the elements. A standard tent has an occupancy of two people. You can double the occupancy of a tent by doubling its price, triple it by tripling its price, and so on.

Tent, Mobile Hotelier

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 231
Category Personal Items (Tent)
Level 1;Price 50; Bulk 1


Tents known as mobile hoteliers are advanced and include systems that provide their occupants the same environmental protections as armor (see page 196) while active. A mobile hotelier requires a 20-charge battery to provide this protection, uses 1 charge every 8 hours, and is considered a technological item for effects and abilities that target or disable technology. Even if this protection is removed, the tent can still be used as a mass-produced tent.

Tent, Mass Produced

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 231
Category Personal Items (Tent)
Level 1;Price 2; Bulk 1


A mass-produced tent is insulated, sturdy, and capable of ventilating to prevent overheating or stuffiness without sacrificing protection. It allows characters within to treat extreme cold weather as severe cold weather, treat severe cold weather as typical cold weather, and ignore the effects of typical cold weather. It adjusts the severity of hot weather in a similar fashion. See page 400 for more information on cold dangers and page 402 for more information on heat dangers. A mass-produced tent does not protect against smoke, catching on fire, lava, radiation, or other environmental hazards.