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Starship Crew

Although most starships require crews of only half a dozen or fewer to fly, larger vessels can require 20 or more crew members to operate successfully. Standard crew members usually don’t have a stat block, but they are generally characters of CR 1 or lower. They cannot fill roles in starship combat, but they can serve on teams supporting an officer in a role.

Officers are NPCs who can be hired to fill unoccupied starship combat roles on a starship. Officer stat blocks can be created using the monster creation rules beginning on page 126 of the Alien Archive, with the skill most associated with their starship role as a master skill. They can be any CR, but few officers will serve on a starship of a lower tier than their CR. Officers can have any class graft, but it’s generally easier to find envoys, mechanics, operatives, and soldiers interested in serving aboard starships than mystics, solarians, or technomancers.

The price of hiring a starship officer is based on the typical total bonus she has in a specific skill relevant to her starship role, representing her skill level. However, the GM can determine that a specific officer actually has a bonus much higher or lower than the norm for someone at her pay rate. At the GM’s discretion, NPCs that the PCs have helped or allied with can choose to become crew members on the PCs’ starship, possibly reducing the price to hire them by half, one-third, or even to zero for exceptionally grateful NPCs.

Starship Crew, Standard

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 135
Category Professional Services
Price 20 per week

Starship Crew, Officer

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 135
Category Professional Services
Price Skill bonus x 5 per week