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Warming Balm

Source Starfinder #19: Fate of the Fifth pg. 45
Category Personal Items (Other)
Level 2;Price 150; Bulk L


It takes approximately 10 minutes to apply a tube of this clear gel to the inside of a suit of armor. For the next 8 hours, the balm’s chemical reactions warm the skin of the armor’s wearer. During that time, the wearer gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Fortitude saving throws to avoid taking damage from cold environments; this bonus stacks with that provided by cold weather environmental clothing. A tube of warming gel can also be applied directly to your exposed skin (or the epidermis of an adjacent creature) to stave off the negative effects of frostbite and hypothermia. This takes 10 minutes and heals 2d8 nonlethal cold damage dealt by a cold environment.