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Commune - Level 5 -

Source Galactic Magic pg. 91
Script Prepare the Space (Mysticism; failure), Sacrifice (1 Resolve Point), Invoke Entity (Will; fatigued, retry), Sacrifice (items worth 1,000 credits)
Assistants 3
Round Length 1 hour

You call upon an unknown planar entity to answer questions. This is a servitor of your deity if you have one. You can ask up to seven questions that can be answered with “Yes” or “No.” The entity is likely to know answers related to its purview; a servitor of Triune would know about objects located in the Drift, and a servitor of Damoritosh would know about the Veskarium. The entity answers with one-word answers such as “Yes,” “No,” “Likely,” or “Unknown,” though its answers always reflect its own agenda and could be deceptive. This ritual can’t uncover information directly related to the Gap.