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Akashic Compilation - Level 4 -

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 130
Script Open the Way (Will; shaken for 1 hour, retry), Speak the Name (target), Release Power (Mysticism; damage, failure)
Assistants none
Round Length 1 hour

You learn information about a prominent creature, object, or location by drawing upon countless sources—roughly equivalent to having researched the topic using numerous infospheres. Upon successful completion of the ritual, the information is recorded on a datapad, computer or notebook and remains available indefinitely. If you do not have a storage device at hand, the information is instead stored in your mind with perfect clarity for 1 week, during which you can transcribe it. After 1 week, the information is as likely to be forgotten or misremembered as a mundane memory.
This ritual primarily draws information from public sources like infospheres and popular legends. Periodically, the ritual also includes allusions or partial quotes from private collections, strong memories, or inscriptions on forgotten tablets, but these references at best hint at additional lore and are no substitute for directly studying those sources. Finally, though the ritual provides a faithful report, it might include widespread myths, misconceptions, and misinformation alongside verifiable facts.