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Awaken - Level 4 -

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 130
Script Gather Power (Mysticism; dazed for 1 hour), Sacrifice (items and Resolve), Release Power (Will; damage, failure)
Assistants any
Round Length 10 minutes

You expand the mental faculties of an animal, a construct, or a computer, granting them humanlike intellect. The subject must have either no Intelligence score or an Intelligence modifier or –4 or lower. The subject’s Intelligence modifier becomes +0, +1, +2, or +3, determined randomly (roll 1d4–1), and if their Wisdom and Charisma modifiers are lower than +0, those increase to +0. The awakened subject begins with a friendly attitude toward the ritualists but has no compulsion to obey them. The subject to be awakened must be present during the entirety of the ritual. An awakened animal’s type changes to magical beast.
Casting this ritual on a willing creature companiondissolves the bond between it and its master.