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Invigorating Banquet - Level 5 -

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 130
Script Prepare the Area (Life Science, Profession [cook], or Survival; sickened for 1 minute; retry), Sacrifice (Resolve), Shape Power (Mysticism; failure)
Assistants up to 2
Round Length 1 hour

You conjure a great feast, including any tables, seating, utensils, and dishware. The details of the feast are up to the ritual participants, and the ritual produces enough delicious food and drink to feed 12 creatures. Creatures who spend at least 1 hour partaking of the banquet gain 2d10 temporary Hit Points, a +1 enhancement bonus to saving throws, and 1 Resolve point. These bonuses last for 24 hours or until you take a long rest. The additional Resolve Point can bring your total Resolve Points above your normal maximum.