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Obsolescence - Level 4

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 131
Script varies
Assistants any
Round Length 1 hour

You create a magical field that inhibits technology, covering a 2-mile radius centered on the ritual leader. This field persists indefinitely while the ritual leader remains in its area, and it lasts for 1d8 days after the ritual leader first leaves the area. Unattended technological items in the area whose item levels are less than 3 × the ritual’s level cease to function; items in a creature’s possession or being actively operated by a creature continue to function for 1 hour or until they become unattended, whichever occurs first, so long as that creature succeeds at a Will save whose DC is based on the ritual’s level. Once a creature fails this save, their technological items cease functioning until they leave the leave the area for at least 1 minute. Tiny starships as well as vehicles and mechs that are Gargantuan or larger continue to function, but their speeds are reduced by half. Small and larger starships are not affected.
This ritual can be cast at 4th, 5th, or 6th level, primarily increasing the maximum item level of affected technology and saving throw DC to resist the field’s effects, as detailed above.
4th: Script Prepare the Area (Will; damage, retry), Sacrifice (items)
5th: Script Prepare the Area (Will; damage, retry), Sacrifice (items), Release Power (Mysticism; dazed for 1 hour, retry)
6th: Script Prepare the Area (Will, damage, retry), Sacrifice (items), Release Power (Mysticism; damage, failure)