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Phantom Vehicle - Level 1

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 131
Script varies
Assistants any
Round Length 10 minutes

You tap into the Shadow Plane to conjure a terrestrial vehicle that exists for 8 hours. Anyone can ride in the vehicle, but anyone other than the ritual’s participants take a –4 penalty to Piloting checks to operate it. In addition, the ritual leader can substitute their Mysticism ranks for their Piloting ranks when operating the vehicle. The 1st-level version of this ritual can conjure an item level 1 vehicle; for every ritual level beyond 1st, the maximum item level increases by 3 (maximum level 16 for a 6th-level ritual). The conjured vehicle has a spectral appearance. Its composition is relatively frail; it has Hit Points equal to 10 × the ritual’s level.
1st–2nd: Script Gather Power (Engineering; damage, retry), Release Power (Mysticism; damage, failure)
3rd–6th: Script Gather Power (Engineering; damage, retry), Open the Way (Will; dazed 1 hour, retry), Release Power (Mysticism; damage, failure)