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Planar Beacon - Level 5 -

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 131
Script Prepare the Area (Mysticism; damage, retry), Gather Power (Mysticism; fatigued, failure), Sacrifice (items), Shape Power (Will; see text)
Secondary Script Gather Power (Mysticism; fatigued), Shape Power (Will; damage), Sacrifice (Resolve), Open the Way (Will; see text)
Assistants any
Round Length 10 minutes

This formula includes two closely linked rituals that enable highly accurate extraplanar travel. The primary ritual follows the primary script to attune the ritual leader and assistants to an area no more than 60 feet in diameter, known as a beacon. An attuned participant can later lead the secondary ritual using its secondary script, which attempts to transport them and any of the secondary ritual’s assistants into the beacon’s area as plane shift. Roll d% and consult the table below to determine how accurately the ritual transports the participants.
1–95You arrive in the beacon area.
96–100You arrive 5–500 miles away from the beacon in a random direction.
101–115The secondary ritual fails.
116–120You arrive in a place that’s visually or thematically similar to the beacon’s area, which might be on a completely different plane.

A beacon lasts for 10d10 years or until dispelled. A creature can be attuned to up to 3 beacons at a time. If they attune to a fourth beacon, they end their attunement to one beacon of their choice.
If the ritual leader fails the Will save to shape power for the primary ritual, they create a flawed beacon. When using the secondary ritual to travel to a flawed beacon, add 20 to the d% result to determine the ritual’s result. If the ritual leader fails the Will save to open the way during the secondary ritual, roll d% twice and use the higher result when determining the ritual’s result.