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Rejuvenation - Level 4 -

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 131
Script Gather Power (Mysticism; damage, retry), Open the Way (Will; nauseated for 1 hour, failure), Sacrifice (Resolve), Release Power (Fortitude; fatigued and explosive growth)
Assistants up to 2
Round Length 1 hour

You tap directly into the Positive Energy Plane, channeling its life-giving essence to perform a healing miracle. Upon successfully completing the ritual, you touch a creature to perform one of the following effects of your choice.
  • The creature’s severed limbs grow back, as regenerate.
  • You remove up to three afflictions affecting the creature, as remove affliction. Use the ritual leader’s level + 2 as this effect’s caster level.
  • You remove a negative level, heal ability damage, or heal ability drain as though you had cast restoration, spending additional Resolve Points as needed to remove a permanent negative level.
If you fail the Fortitude save during the release power activity, positive energy bursts from you in a 60-foot-radius spread. Areas with few organisms like buildings and streets instantly sprout colorful plants. Existing organisms receive a surge of vitality, which might cause them to grow, acquire strange features, or become aggressive. The GM determines the exact outcome, ranging from areas of difficult terrain to level-appropriate combat encounters.