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FTL Communication - Level 4

Source Galactic Magic pg. 91
Script Open the Way (Computers; dazed for 1 minute, failure), Shape Power (Mysticism; electricity damage, retry), Speak the Name (Will; dazed for 1 minute), Release Power (Computers; failure)
Assistants none
Round Length 1 minute

You communicate with someone over interstellar distances. You must touch a comm unit at the end of this ritual and speak a message of 25 words or fewer. Your message travels to the person you named in the Speak the Name action, but takes time to arrive: 1d6 hours if the individual is in the same system as you, 3d6 hours if the individual is in Near Space or the Pact Worlds, or 5d6 hours if the individual is in the Vast. When the message arrives, the individual you named hears it and can respond with up to 25 words. This reply takes 1d6 hours to reach you if you’re in the same system as the individual replying, 3d6 hours if you’re in Near Space, or 5d6 hours if you’re in the Vast. When it reaches you, you hear it.