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Gate - Level 6

Source Galactic Magic pg. 92
Script Prepare the Space (Engineering or Mysticism; failure), Gather Power (Mysticism; dazed for 1 hour, failure), Shape Power (Engineering or Mysticism; fatigued, retry), Release Power (Mysticism; electricity damage, retry), Open the Way (Will; the gate opens to a random location for a random duration, both determined by the GM)
Assistants any
Round Length 1 day

You link two physical portals—such as doors or arches—to permit instantaneous travel between them. The portals can be up to 15 feet across, separated by any distance or even on different planes, and each must be constructed with at least 1,000,000 credits’ worth of materials. Each portal must have a designated entry direction and an exit direction. You must perform this ritual at one of the two portals, and neither portal can already be connected to a portal through a gate ritual. If the ritual is completed, any creature who moves through one portal’s entry emerges from the other portal’s exit. The surfaces of the portals are usually magically obscured, so it’s impossible to tell where a portal leads; however, a creature who observes a portal from its entry direction, takes a full action, and succeeds at a DC 25 Mysticism check can cause the portal to briefly clear and see out the paired portal’s exit for one round. If Engineering was used in the ritual actions that created this gate, the creature can use Computers or Engineering instead of Mysticism for this check.