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Panopticon - Level 3

Source Galactic Magic pg. 93
Script Prepare the Space (items), Gather Power (Computers; fatigued, retry), Open the Way (Will; electricity damage, failure)
Assistants none
Round Length 1 hour

You gain supernatural surveillance powers within a single large structure, such as a prison, school, or space station. You must perform this ritual within the chosen structure, and when you complete the ritual, you must touch a video screen. The screen can be of any size, but it can’t be moved. When you look at this screen, you can take a move action to make it display any location in the structure where it’s located, from any point of view within 100 feet of the screen, with low-light vision and darkvision up to 60 feet. The effects of this ritual last for 1 year, or until the screen is moved or broken, whichever comes first.