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Reincarnation - Level 4

Source Galactic Magic pg. 93
Script Prepare the Area (Mysticism; failure); Invoke Entity (Will; damage, failure); Sacrifice (items and Resolve); Speak the Name (the individual being reincarnated)
Assistants any
Round Length 1 hour

You call upon a deity or other cosmic force to create a new body for a dead individual, binding the individual’s soul to the new body and restoring them to life. This ritual can restore an individual who has been dead for days equal to the ritual leader’s ranks in Mysticism. The creature takes a temporary negative level for 24 hours. This ritual can’t resurrect creatures who are currently undead or who don’t wish to be resurrected, but it can restore individuals slain by death effects or whose original bodies are lost or destroyed.
The ritualists and the restored creature have no say over the form of the reincarnation, which can take the form of virtually any race, gender, and appearance. If this ritual is used to reincarnate a player character, the player and GM should mutually agree on the reincarnation’s physical details, choosing a playable race; if used to reincarnate an NPC, the GM decides the reincarnation’s physical form. A reincarnated character loses the ability score modifiers, HP, Size, type, and racial traits of their original race, and gains the ability score modifiers, HP, Size, type, and racial traits of their new race. Theme and class features are unchanged.