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Summon Elemental - Level 1

Source Galactic Magic pg. 93
Script varies
Assistants up to 1 per level of the ritual
Round Length 10 minutes

You summon an elemental with a CR limited by the level of the ritual according to Table 3–2: Rituals. The elemental appears within 30 feet of you. Most elementals are only as smart as a clever animal, and their initial attitude is indifferent, but elementals with above-average Intelligence are unfriendly instead. Regardless, the elemental is under no obligation to obey you. It remains on the plane to which you’ve summoned it until it’s destroyed or sent back to its origin plane, such as through dismissal or some other method.
If you fail a ritual action for this ritual that causes you to take damage, that damage has a type based on the kind of elemental you tried to summon: bludgeoning for an earth elemental, cold for a water elemental, fire for a fire elemental, and electricity for an air elemental.
You can add the Prepare the Area action to the beginning of the script for this spell; the action requires a Mysticism check. If you do, the elemental appears within that area, and can’t leave or target creatures outside the area unless you allow it or your preparations are disturbed; the GM decides how much disturbance is required. You gain a +4 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy or Intimidate checks against a creature trapped within your prepared area. If you fail the Mysticism check required for this ritual action, the elemental still appears in the space, but its movement and attacks aren’t restricted, and you gain no benefit to Diplomacy or Intimidate checks.
You can add the Speak the Name action to the end of the script for this spell. If you do, you summon the specific elemental whose name you spoke, provided that elemental’s CR is equal to or less than that listed for the ritual’s level on Table 3–2: Rituals. Its initial attitude might be something other than indifferent, especially if it has had prior interactions with you.
1st: Script Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)
2nd: Script Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)
3rd: Script Sacrifice (items); Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)
4th: Script Sacrifice (items); Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)
5th: Script Sacrifice (items); Gather Power (Mysticism; damage, retry); Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)
6th: Script Sacrifice (items); Gather Power (Mysticism; damage, retry); Open the Way (Fort; damage, failure)