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Base Frames

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 294
Each starship has a base frame that determines its size, maneuverability, starting weapon mounts, hull strength, room for expansion, and other capacities. Although two ships that use the same frame might look radically different, they both have some of these base statistics in common. The frame of a starship includes all life support and artificial gravity systems necessary to keep the crew (and any passengers) alive and comfortable. The starship’s frame is also built with a transponder that is essentially the ship’s “address” for standard system-wide and unlimited-range communications (see page 430); this transponder can be turned off, during which time the starship can’t send or receive messages, but neither can it be tracked down by conventional means.

The base frames below are organized by size (from smallest to largest) and cost in Build Points (with less expensive frames coming first within a size). In general, the size and expansion bay capacities of a base frame can’t be changed without a great deal of time and money (and the GM’s permission), so it can be more effective to just start over with a different base frame when upgrading those aspects of a starship.

Heavy Hauler

Source Drift Crisis pg. 103
Size Large
Maneuverability poor (-1 Piloting, turn 3)
HP 140 (increment 20); DT —; CT 28
Mounts forward arc (1 heavy, 1 light), port arc (1 heavy), starboard arc (1 heavy)
Expansion Bays 2
Minimum Crew 6; Maximum Crew 20
Cost 40

Special Abilities

Expanded Engine Bay A heavy hauler has an expanded engine bay that can accommodate engines designed for Huge-sized starships to give it the power necessary to tow vessels larger than itself. While fitted with Huge-sized thrusters and not towing a ship, the heavy hauler’s speed increases by 2.