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Starship Shields

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 302
While almost every ship has simple navigational shielding to prevent damage from tiny bits of debris, this protection does little to stop a starship from being damaged by lasers, missiles, and larger impacts. To defend against such threats, a ship has energy shields, though these shields don't count as force effects. Projectors mounted around the ship create a barrier that absorbs damage from attacks. Each attack reduces the number of Shield Points (SP) in a given arc until that arc's shields are depleted, after which point all further damage in that arc reduces the ship's Hull Points. See Damage on page 304 for more information. Shield Points regenerate over time and can eventually be used again, but this regeneration occurs only when the ship is not in combat or otherwise taking damage. Shields must be attached to a functional power core in order to regenerate; the rate of regeneration is listed in the table below.

Deflector Shields

Whereas conventional starship shields absorb attacks entirely until they are depleted, some engineers insist that shields are most effective when deflecting attacks, blunting their force or causing them to miss entirely. Deflector shield technology reduces damage from incoming attacks and increases a starship's AC and TL, though each successive attack depletes the shields' defensive potential. Deflector shields and conventional shields create fields that interfere with each other, so only one of these two defenses can be installed on a starship.

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Shield NameTotal SPRegenerationDVAC/TLPCUCost (in BP)
Basic Shields 10101/min.52
Aeon shields 10101/min.103
Basic Shields 20201/min.103
Basic Shields 30301/min.154
Aeon shields 30303/min.208
Basic Shields 40401/min.155
Light Shields 50502/min.206
Aeon shields 50505/min.3015
Light Shields 60602/min.208
Light Shields 70702/min.2510
Light Shields 80802/min.3012
Aeon shields 80808/min.4520
Medium Shields 90904/min.3013
Medium Shields 1001004/min.3015
Medium Shields 1201204/min.3517
Medium Shields 1401408/min.4018
Medium Shields 1601608/min.4520
Medium Shields 2002008/min.5022
Heavy Shields 24024016/min.5523
Heavy Shields 28028016/min.6025
Heavy Shields 32032016/min.7027
Heavy Shields 36036032/min.8028
Heavy Shields 42042032/min.9030
Heavy Shields 48048032/min.11032
Superior Shields 54054064/min.13035
Superior Shields 60060064/min.16040
Basic deflector shield 1 1/— +1 AC/+1 TL 54
Basic deflector shield 3 3/— +1 AC/+1 TL 56
Light deflector shield 5 5/— +1 AC/+2 TL 1012
Light deflector shield 8 8/— +1 AC/+2 TL 1515
Medium deflector shield 10 10/— +2 AC/+2 TL 3022
Medium deflector shield 12 12/— +2 AC/+2 TL 4526
Heavy deflector shield 13 13/— +2 AC/+3 TL 6033
Heavy deflector shield 15 15/— +2 AC/+3 TL 8036
Superior deflector shield 18 18/— +3 AC/+3 TL 10045
Superior deflector shield 20 20/— +3 AC/+3 TL 12050