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[AP] Drift Crashers

Primorata - Tier 3

Source Starfinder #46: The Perfect Storm pg. 0
Medium explorer
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift
AC 13; TL 13
HP 55; DT —; CT 11
Shields light 60 (forward 15, port 15, starboard 15, aft 15)
Attack (Forward) light particle beam (3d6; 10 hexes)
Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6; 10 hexes)
Power Core Arcus Heavy (130 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Chaos Engine; Systems budget medium-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 1 duonode computer, mk 3 armor, mk 3 defenses, biometric locks; Expansion Bays cargo hold (2), guest quarters, medical bay, tech workshop; Modifiers +1 to any two checks per round, +2 Piloting; Complement 4 (minimum 1, maximum 6)


The Primorata is a unique vessel created in the Drift Crash when a conventional starship, the Marata, attempted to enter the Drift while the Primordial—a pirate vessel grappled to it and equipped with chaos sails (Starship Operations Manual 9)—attempted to enter the Maelstrom. Both vessels merged into a single, unusual starship with features from both vessels, plus some emergent details.
The combined vessel’s four decks include an observation lounge (deck 1) decorated with planar fragments from Nirvana, the Maelstrom, and the Plane of Water that were ejected into the ship by the Drift Crash. Its two-story bridge (decks 2 and 3) and a crew lounge on the lowest deck (deck 4) share excellent views through an expansive front window of transparent aluminum. Most of the ship’s lower two decks are devoted to crew and guest quarters, with a central atrium made possible by a catwalk on deck 3.
The most unusual feature of the Primorata, however, is its plane-breaking Signal Chaos Engine, a unique artifact. Housed in engineering on deck 2, the Signal Chaos Engine sends the Primorata hurtling through time and space with every use. When it does, however, the Primorata leaves a wake that other nearby starships can use to follow the vessel wherever it goes.

Special Abilities

Additional Expansion Bay Due to the unusual circumstances of its creation, the Primorata has one more expansion bay than is normal for an explorer frame.
Signal Chaos Engine The Signal Chaos Engine is an artifact created by the unexpected and magical synthesis of a Drift engine with chaos sails. Activating the Signal Chaos Engine requires 1 minute, during which time the ship can use its conventional thrusters. Once activated, the Signal Chaos Engine causes the Primorata to travel randomly through the multiverse for 1d6 minutes before arriving at an unpredictable location somewhere in space and time. The Signal Chaos Engine leaves a wake, which nearby ships can follow. It uses no PCU, costs no BP, and replaces a starship’s Drift engine. The Signal Chaos Engine is destroyed if it ever returns to the location and moment during the Drift Crash when it was created.